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Korean Drinks

Before placing your order, please inform your server if a person in your party has a food allergy. 


참이슬 Chamisul Fresh $23.99
처음처럼 Chum-churum $23.99
청하 Chungha $23.99
진로이즈백 Jinro $23.99
백세주 Bekseju $23.99


청포도 Green Grape $23.99
자몽 Grapefruit $23.99
사과 Green Apple $23.99
복숭아 Peach $23.99
자두 Plum $23.99
칵테일 소주 Cocktail Soju $23.99
Peach, Mango, Pineapple, and yakult
솜사탕주 Cotton Candy Soju $14.99
Soju with cotton candy on top


Korean Rice Wine

막걸리 Makguli $23.99
Original, Peach, Green grape
벌꿀집 Honeycomb $5.99
생과일 막걸리 Fruit Makguli $30.99
Peach, Mango, Pineapple, Strawberry, Misutgaru


유자 Yuja $12.99
자몽 Grapefruit $12.99
한라봉 Hanrabong $12.99

Other Drinks

Before placing your order, please inform your server if a person in your party has a food allergy. 


Hot Sake $14.99
Hakutsuru Draft $23.99
Sayuri Nigori $23.99
Junmai Ginjo $23.99
Gekkeikan $40.00


Absolute $7.00
Captain Morgen $7.00
Bacardi $7.00
Jagermeister $7.00
Jameson $7.00
1800 Tequila $9.00
Grey Goose $9.00
Johnnie Walker $9.00
Hennessy $13.00


Coors Light $6.99
Budweiser $6.99
Canadian $6.99
Blue $6.99


Pint $8.50
Sapporo or Ashahi (16oz)
Pitcher $25.99
Sapporo or Ashahi (60oz)


Corona $7.99
Heineken $7.99
Sapporo $7.99
Alexander Keith $7.99
Stella Artois $7.99


Jack Coke $10.99
Rum Coke $10.99
Jager $10.99
Bomb $10.99
Gin & Tonic $10.99


Jack Daniel $60.00
Jameson Whiskey $110.00
Johnnie Walker $90.00
Grey Goose $170.00
Hennessy $250.00


Red $7.99
White $7.99
Rosé $7.99


Coke $3.99
Diet Coke $3.99
Sprite $3.99
Canada Dry $3.99
Iced Tea $3.99

Afternoon EHWA


미니 시저 샐러드 Ceasar Salad $7.99
Bacon, Crouton, Parmesan Cheese, Romaine, Almond with Ceasar Dressing
꽃다발 샐러드 Bocconcini Salad $12.99
Skewered Bocconcini Cheese, Cherry Tomato with Balsamic Dressing, and Basil Pesto
이화 미니 샐러드 Ehwa Mini Salad $7.99
Cherry Tomato, Spring Mix with Yuzu Dressing


이화 돈까스 Ehwa Tonkatsu $18.99
Pork Loin Cutlet with ehwa Signature Tonkatsu Sauce
치즈 돈까스 Cheese Tonkatsu $21.99
Mozzarella Cheese in Pork Loin Cutlet with Ehwa Signature Tonkatsu Sauce
청양 크림 돈까스 Spicy Cream Tonkatsu $22.99
Pork Loin Cutlet, Truffle Oil, Chilli Pesto, and Cream Sauce
신호등 돈까스 Fish Katsu $21.99
Fish Katsu with Korean Style Colourful Tartar Sauce


뚝배기 파스타 Ttukbaegi Pasta $23.99
Spaghetti with Shrimp, Squid, Mussel, Crab, and Garlic in Spicy Tomato Sauce
이화 봉골레 파스타 $20.99
Spaghetti with Clam, Dried Chilli, Butter, and Garlic in Signature Vongole Sauce
트러플 청양 크림 파스타 Pork Belly Chilli Cream Pasta $20.99
Spaghetti with Pork-belly, Truffle Oil, and Cheese in Signature Cream Sauce
명란 파스타 Polack Roe Pasta $20.99
Fish Katsu with Korean Style Colourful Tartar Sauce


그 시절 함박 스테이크 ehwa Hamburg Steak $21.99
Juicy Beef and Pork Patty with ehwa Signature Sauce
청양 함박 스테이크 Chilli Cream Hamburg Steak $22.99
Juicy Beef and Pork Patty, Chilly Pesto, Truffle Oil, and Cream Sauce
이화 정식 eHwa Jeong-Sik $24.99
A set meal consisting of Hamburg Steak, Fish Katsu, Tonkatsu, and Shrimp Tempura


A Set of meals, Choice of Main Dish with Chef’s Choice Side Dishes
제육 Spicy Pork $19.99
Stir-Fried Spicy Pork
삼겹살 Pork Belly $19.99
Grilled Pork Belly
불고기 Bulgogi $19.99
Stir-Fried Korean-style Beef


부대찌개 Army Soup $19.99
Spam, Sausage, Kimchi, Ramen noodles with Vegetables in Signature Soup Base
순두부 찌개 Soon Tofu Soup $19.99
Seafood and Beef in Korean Traditional Soft Tofu Soup
매운 돼지 갈비찜 Braised Spicy Pork Rib $23.99
Braised Pork Rib with Vegetables and Signature Spicy Sauce
콩나물 육회 비빔밥 Yukhoe Bibimbap $18.99
Korean-Style Beef Tartar, Bean Sprouts, Spring Mix with Rice Bowl


Fried Rice with Omelette with a Choice of Proteins
오리지널 Original $17.99
Original Omurice
함박 스테이크 Humburg Steak $22.99
Hamburg Steak Omurice
돈까스 Tonkatsu $20.99
Pork Loin Cutlet Omurice
소시지 Sausage $19.99
Sausage Omurice


인절미 꿀피자 Injeolmi Honey Pizza $16.99
Rice Cake Made with Sweet Rice, Honey, Mozzarella Cheese, Tortilla
소반 도시락 Lunch Box $xx.xx
Soban Lunch Box

Night EHWA

Main Dish

김치삼겹두루치기 Samgyup Duruchigi $23.99
Stir-fried seasonal vegetables, kimchi, and pork belly
매운 등갈비 떡찜 Spicy Back Ribs $27.99
Spicy braised pork ribs with ricecake
치즈불닭 Cheese BulDak $22.99
Grilled spicy chicken with mozzarella cheese on top
지꾸바 (G-quva) $23.99
G-quva chicken
오징어 카펠리니 Squid Capellini $20.99
Capellini with spicy stir fried squid
돈까스 플래터 Tonkatsu Platter $23.99
Pork Loin clutter with sausage and (Assorted Fries)
쫄뱅이 Jjol Bang E $23.99
Spicy bai top shells with mixed vegetables and noodles
인절미 탕수육 Injeolmi Tangsuyuk $23.99
Chewy Sweet and Sour Pork


해물파전 Haemul Pajeon $22.99
Korean-style Seafood pancake
김치전 Kimchi Jeon $22.99
Korean-style kimchi pancake
한판 육전 Hanpan Yukjeon $22.99
Korean-style beef pancake


부대찌개 Budaejjigae (Army Soup) $22.99
Spam, sausage, kimchi, ramen noodle, and vegetable in signature soup base
고기해물짬뽕 jjamppong $22.99
Spicy seafood-based soup with noodles and stir-fried meat
홍합탕 Honghaptang $22.99
Mussel soup
유부 오뎅탕 Yubu Odeng Tang $22.99
Odeng soup with fried tofu
매운 꼬치 오뎅탕 Kkochi Odeng Tang $22.99
Spicy skewered fish cakes and odeng soup
떡도리탕 Dduk Doritang $25.99
Braised chicken with spicy sauce, carrot, potato, onion, garlic and ricecakes
봉골레 국물 술찜 $25.99
Spaghetti with clam, dried chilli, butter and garlic in signature vongole sauce

Light Shares

콘치즈 Corn Cheese $6.99
Stir-fry sweet corn, savory cheese, creamy mayonnaise, and sugar
타코와사비 Tako Wasabi $9.99
Raw octopus with lots of wasabi
감자튀김 French Fries $6.99
트러플 감자튀김 French Fries with Truffle Oil $9.99
양념감자 Yangnyum Gamja $9.99
Crispy potato chunks tossed in a flavourful sauce
마약 옥수수 Mayak Oksusu $8.99
Grilled corn with special powder
감바스 Gambas $18.99
Shrimps, olive oil, garlic, dried chilli and parsley
구절판 과일 Gujeolpan Gwail $25.99
Assorted fruits served in Gujeolpan plate
과일 황도 Gwail Hwangdo $12.99
Yellow peaches and fruits
육회 Yukhoe $18.99
Korean style beef tartare


순살 후라이드 치킨 Crispy Boneless Fried Chicken $24.99
순살 양념 치킨 Crispy Boneless Sweet & Spicy Chicken $25.99
꿀간장 인절미 치킨 Crispy Boneless Soy Sauce Chicken w/ Injeolmi ricecakes $26.99
치즈 뿌링클 Crispy Boneless Cheese Powdered Chicken $27.99
싸가지 닭 Combination of Four Flavours Chicken in One $29.99
Soy sauce with green onion, Supreme yannyum, Wasabi mayo, and Corn cheese
치킨윙 Flavoured Chicken Wing $21.99
Original, Yangyum, Soy Sauce
닭강정 Dakgangjeong Platter $24.99
Deep-fried chicken with sweet & spicy sauce
깐풍기 Kkanpungi $24.99
Spicy garlic fried chicken


오리지날 떡볶이 Original Tteokbokki $18.99
Korean traditional spicy ricecakes
로제 떡볶이 Rosé Tteokbokki $20.99
Korean-style rosé ricecakes
삼겹살 떡볶이 Samgyupsal Tteokbokki $18.99
Korean traditional spicy ricecakes with grilled pork belly
궁중 떡볶이 Bulgogi Tteokbokki $19.99
Savoury stir-fried ricecakes with Bulgogi
해물 마라 로제 떡볶이 Haemul Mala Rosé Tteokbokki $22.99
Mala Rosé tteokbokki with seafoods

Toppings on Tteokbokki

누드김밥 Nude Gimbap $9.99
Gimbap covered with rice instead of seaweed or Korean-style roll
모듬튀김 Assorted Fried $9.99
삼겹살 Pork Belly $9.99
돈까스 Pork Katsu $9.99
우삼겹 Beef Brisket $9.99
순살치킨 Boneless Chicken $9.99


스팸계란밥 Spam Egg Rice $7.99
반합라면 Banhap Ramyun $13.99
Ramyun in military mess tin
짜계치 Jjagechi $15.99
Chapagetti(Korean jjajang noodles) with fried egg and cheese
육회김밥 Yukhoe Gimbap $19.99
Mini gimbap with yukhoe on top
콩나물 육회 비빔밥 Kongnamul Yukhoe Bibimbap $19.99
Korean style beef tartare, bean sprouts, spring mix with rice bowl
불고기 덮밥 Bulgogi Dupbap $15.99
Sliced beef marinated in a sweet and savory sauce, grilled, served on rice
청양크림파스타 Chungyang Cream Pasta $20.99
Spaghetti with pork belly, truffle oil, and cheese in signature cream sauce
뚝배기 파스타 Ttukbaegi Pasta $23.99
Spaghetti with shrimp, squid, mussel, crab, and garlic in spicy tomato sauce


크룽지 아이스크림 C-roonggi $6.99
Nurungji croissant with ice cream
인절미 꿀피자 Injeolmi Honey Pizza $15.99
Tortilla pizza with injeolmi and honey topping
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